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We are a small kennel located at our house in Bremen, IN. All of us, especially the younger children, enjoy playing with and feeding the puppies, and when you buy from us you can be sure your puppy will be well socialized and will have had plenty of love and attention!

When choosing the right puppy for you, some good things to consider are the health, structure, and temperament of the puppy. We will do our very best to assist you as you choose a puppy suitable to your environment and lifestyle.

Payment Information

We charge sales tax on all puppies, and require a $250.00 non-refundable deposit, except in cases of premature death. If you wish to pay with a check, you may do so for deposits, but we only accept cash, money order or credit cards for final payment at the time of pick up.

Health Guarantee

We offer a 1 year health guarantee for all of our puppies! This covers any genetic or hereditary health issues that may come up.  

Puppies will be up to date on vaccinations and wormers at the time of purchase and are expected to be in good physical condition at the time of delivery to the buyer. You must have the puppy examined by a licensed veternarian within one week of the sale date. If the vet finds the puppy to have a serious genetic defect or condition, other than a bacterial infection which is easily treated  such as coccidia or giardia, we will replace it with another puppy of equal or comparable quality after it has been returned. This does not cover cherry eye in bulldogs. You must have proof of final vaccinations by your vet.

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